We’re following the same guidelines as our Local Health Department regarding Covid-19.
Please note that Dr. Mustafa does not do testings for Covid-19; please go through your doctor or health care provider.



Eid B. Mustafa, M.D. strives to maintain the highest standard of care for patients, while incorporating all the latest technologies.

Dr. Mustafa has served a high volume of patients in business since 1982 and helps those less fortunate through the volunteer organization, Physicians for Peace.

Financing options are available and you can visit Prosper Healthcare Lending to get pre-approved. Please contact our staff to learn more about your payment options.

After you have browsed our site and learned more about Dr. Mustafa and all our services, please contact us to schedule a FREE cosmetic consultation.

Delivering excellent results while ensuring your safety and education is a priority of Dr. Mustafa. He will spend the time needed to review your goals and answer all questions and concerns. Working with you, he will determine the best treatment for you to reach your goals.


Once a treatment is chosen, he will go over the procedure in detail and let you know all the changes that will affect your body and what you can expect before and after surgery.


Our operating facilities have been AAAASF certified since 1992. AAAASF is the gold standard in operating room facility certification, and you learn more by clicking here.